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This page was originally written in English and this is a Google Translation. If you are reading it in another language we apologize beforehand for the many translation mistakes.

We started our property management business as investors. We now own and operate 32 rental units in South Florida.

Since we knew nothing about the business we started BY hiring a third party management. We found good people and have no regrets.

As time passed, we started to understand that the key to the business is keeping maintenance costs low. And we realized that nobody does that better than the owners themselves.

Because of the maintenance costs we decided to start doing the management ourselves. A back office structure was created to deal with the day to day business, as well as a maintenance crew for repairs and touch ups between tenants.

We became very organized and realized that we could handle more than just our properties, thus the new business.

We never forgot, though, that successful investors would want to handle maintenance themselves. We also realized that they would probably miss a lot the comfort of a professional property manager handling the off hours calls, collecting rent, book keeping and so much more.

Now, what if we provided investors only with the back office services?

How it works:

Your tenant will contact our company through a tenant portal, email or a 24/7 phone number. From the first contact we will route them:

To Our Team

For everything related to the financial side of the lease, starting with showing the property, screening prospective tenants, signing the lease, collecting payments, negotiating late rent and, as a last resource, hiring an attorney to handle the eviction.

To Your and Your Providers:

Everything related to maintenance will be handled according to your instructions. For example:

  • Emergency AC:                       call Joe AC Services at (XXX) 561-XXXX
  • Emergency Plumbing:          call Smith the Plubmer at (XXX) 561-XXXX
  • Emergency Power:                call …
  • Handyman                              call …
  • Major problems                     call me

Based on your instructions we will create a work order and send it by email to you and your providers. All you have to do is to follow up from there.

The Benefits


  • Your tenants will have 24/7 professional customer service
  • You will be free of the off hours calls
  • You manage the maintenance to keep the costs under control
  • By allowing us to handle the financial side, you reduce your work load and stress by 80%
  • By handling the maintenance, you allow us to reduce our costs and charge a very attractive management fee of 5% of the effective rent only!

If the idea sounds attractive to you, feel free to CONTACT US FOR A CHAT.

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