Tired of Bad Tenants? Get professional screening for free!!!

This page was originally written in English and this is a Google Translation. If you are reading it in another language we apologize beforehand for the many translation mistakes.

If you have some experience as a landlord you already know that landing the right tenant is the biggest challenge in the game of residential rentals.

It makes the entire difference between a peaceful, high yIelding, passive income investment and a troublesome, time consuming, low yielding nightmare.

You may also have decided that you are better off by managing your properties your self,  but you still miss some tools only professional property managers have.

Did I guess right?

Well, we can’t solve all your problems for free, but the screening challenge we definitely can. We can provide you with a professional tenant report with all information you will need when the time comes to make an informed decision about approving or denying a prospective tenant.

But how can we do it for free? Very simple: you just charge the tenant and hire us to perform the screening. Even better, we are so affordable you can charge the tenant a little bit more and make some extra profit. Sounds good?

Let’s get to how it would work.

1 – We set up your property in our online system at no cost to you (very simple, all we need is an address)

2 – You send us the name and email of the prospective tenant.

3 – We send the tenant a link to our portal

4 – Tenant fills the application and pays the application fee

5 – We send you a full report , including:

6 – We disburse you the balance between the amount you charged and our fee, which is 50$ per adult.

Simple, quick, improves the yielding and lowers the stress. Let us help you!!!

Want even less stress? You might also find interesting our Affordable Property Management plan. Click here to learn more

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