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Created on August 20, 2014, SI America is now the full-time occupation of its founders, João and Luciana Almeida.

Joao and Luciana have both majors in civil engineering and were born and raised in the city of São José dos Campos, 50 miles from São Paulo City, Metropolitan Region of the “Vale do Paraíba”.

Still in college Joao Almeida, his father and a few other friends created the company at the time called “Construtora Sta Izabel”, which later came to be known as “Construtora Santa Izaura”. The year was 1995.

Sta Izaura

Still in business in Brazil, Sta Izaura has an impressive background, with more than 2000 units designed, built and sold, 1.3 million square meters of infra-structure (land development) and 220 thousand square meters in residential and commercial buildings.

As of November/2018, Sta Izaura has under construction/approval/approved another 240 thousand square meters of land development and 125 thousand square meters of residential buildings.

Sta Izaura 01.png

The group also is a player in the affordable housing market through its affiliate, SI América Construtora.

Sta Izaura 02.png

In 2011 João and Luciana decided to expand their business to the United States of America. It was 3 years of intense work and preparation for the family to change permanently in the end of 2013.

From that date on the company has not stopped growing and evolving. It started as a small real estate company in the city Sunrise – FL, with 13 brokers, a manager and a secretary.

Early in 2015, the first of its investment companies – SIP Realty Group – was created to purchase and rent residential real estate.


The results have been so positive that in 2017 SI America sold the brokerage operation and started to dedicate itself exclusively to the management of rental properties. Between it’s own equity and other  investors, more of 100 units were acquired so far, with a total investment of US$ 10 million and estimated market value of US$ 13 million (November / 2018 data).

Finally, in 2018, the company reached a state of maturity that gave its members confidence to take the next big step: opening the company to new investors.

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